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  • • Nearly half of children in care have a mental health disorder
  • • 4.2 million children in the UK are living in poverty
  • • Nearly half of children in care have a mental health disorder
  • • 1.4 million children & young people have a probable mental health disorder
  • • 1 in 5 babies aren’t receiving their entitled health visiting check at one year old

Reacting to the Conservative Party Manifesto, the Children’s Charities Coalition – Action for Children, Barnardo’s, NCB, NSPCC, The Children’s Society – said:

“The Prime Minister talked about delivering a clear plan, bold action and a secure future. Unfortunately, not enough of this seemed to have been directed towards our youngest generation.

“We currently have 4.3 million children living in poverty, a 100,000 increase on the previous 12 months. Every day across our services, we see babies, children and young people’s life chances being affected, while these numbers continue to climb. It is deeply disappointing that the Conservatives have made no commitment to end the two-child limit – something which all political parties should agree to – as we know it’s the most cost-effective way to reduce child poverty and would lift 300,000 children out of poverty.

“Their 2019 manifesto contained the promise of an Independent Review of Children’s Social Care. They delivered on this but there’s been limited progress on its recommendations and sadly will not create the long-lasting change that is so desperately needed.

“We really welcome the Conservative commitment to go further on family hubs with a pledge to introduce them across all parts of England. This now needs to be accompanied by a deadline for delivery.

“We are also happy to see promises of mental health support teams in all schools and early support hubs for those aged 11-25. But these need to be delivered at pace. 2030 will be too late for a generation of children who need help now as they navigate the journey into adulthood.”