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  • • Nearly half of children in care have a mental health disorder
  • • 4.2 million children in the UK are living in poverty
  • • Nearly half of children in care have a mental health disorder
  • • 1.4 million children & young people have a probable mental health disorder
  • • 1 in 5 babies aren’t receiving their entitled health visiting check at one year old

In response to The Big Ambition survey from the Children’s Commissioner, the Children’s Charities Coalition – Action for Children, Barnardo’s, National Children’s Bureau, NSPCC, The Children’s Society – said:  

“It can’t be right that so many children and young people feel their voices aren’t being heard by the adults who run the country. Our own research from earlier this year revealed children’s same disappointment in politicians’ failure to grasp the issues which truly concern them.

“From struggling to make ends meet during the cost of living crisis, to crumbling schools and overstretched mental health services, children and their families need help now.

“Young people are crystal clear they want their lives to change. To realise this, we require a bold, ambitious strategy which places their interests at the heart of the next UK government. We back the Children’s Commissioner’s call to action for the next government to commit to putting all their energy and effort towards improving the lives of children and young people. The question remains: if not now, when?”